Remember when horror movie monsters were actors in rubber suits, movie sets looked like they might fall over at any moment, special effects were cheesy and actors were broadly histrionic but barely adequate? Join us as we relive those thrilling days of yesteryear! To call “CREEPORIA” a tribute to those bygone (and largely forgotten) B-movies would be an insult to the word “tribute.” But that’s what it attempts to be anyway.


Furthermore, if you mashed up "Dark Shadows," "All my Children" and "The Munsters," you'd have some idea of what "CREEPORIA" is like. Only it's weirder than that. And it’s silly -- VERY silly.


“CREEPORIA” follows the adventures of a 300-year-old actress, the title character, who was cursed long ago by an evil wizard and forced to live for all eternity as an undead creature of the night. She lives in a crypt, she can't ever be out in sunlight, and her only companions are a skull, a bat, and a corpse. The only way Creeporia can break that curse is if she can reclaim her former fame and glory, or if she can find true love.


In her first adventure, Creeporia reluctantly takes on a job as hostess of a horror-themed wax museum and restaurant. But she soon discovers that the wax figures are really classic monsters who have retired after their fame had faded. Even bigger problems ensue when she and the monsters realize that an evil H. P. Lovecraft-style  demon is trying to take over the museum and use it as a base from which to launch its conquest of the world.


It’s all up to Creeporia and her classic monster friends to become the heroes and save the day. Will they pull it off in time?



CREEPORIA will be released on DVD and Video-On-Demand in 2015!



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